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Re-siding your home can be a good investment. Experts consider installing new siding to be one of the top 10 remodeling projects you can do in terms of payback when you eventually sell your home.

In Wisconsin, most homeowners choose vinyl siding because it is affordable, light weight, easy to install and requires almost no upkeep. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors and quality, as well as seam or seamless options.

The home exterior remodel project continues onMetal or aluminum siding is a second popular choice of homeowners. Like vinyl, aluminum is also affordable (when compared with traditional wood), requires little maintenance, is fade and fire resistant, and lasts a long time. The metal siding products manufactured today are much better quality than products made decades ago.

You can also consider wood, brick and stucco exteriors. A good contractor can discuss all of the options with you and offer product recommendations as well.

Here are some popular Brown County contractors you can choose from:
The Remodel Shop is a commercial and residential renovation contractor that works on roofing, siding, soffit, windows and door projects.

Nevilles offers aluminum, vinyl, cement board, hollow back and insulated sidings in a good array of colors and prices.

H and S Roofing and Siding is a complete contracting service that works on both business properties and private homes around Brown County.

Vinyl Siding Options

Homeowners have several options when it comes to what type of siding to put on their house.

Some of the most popular styles are vinyl, stone, shakes, metal or wood lap siding.

Of these options, vinyl is the one that gets chosen the most often.

Vinyl has a lot of strong points — it’s usually cheaper, it’s fast to install, and it handles bad weather and adverse conditions well.

You can read more about vinyl home exterior choices if you are in a position to make a decision for your own home.

Companies in Other States

1. We have a new page about home exterior contractors in the greater Hartford, Connecticut area.

This Hartford page discusses just a few of the quality roofing and siding companies working there today.

We thank Hartford-Roofing for their help with this page.

2. We have put together a short list of good contractors in Columbus, Ohio.

These three companies can repair, replace or maintain your building’s roof at an affordable cost.

3. There’s a website that recommends some of the top roofing contractors in Boise, Idaho.

These roofing and exteriors companies will typically work on both roofing and siding projects in residential neighborhoods.  Not every one of them will work on commercial projects.

If you are in this Boise, Idaho area, check them out if you need such a contractor.

4. We received a question about siding companies in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Here are three Appleton WI siding professionals you can contact:

Wrightway serves the entire Appleton and Fox Cities region for exterior projects.

Brennan-Fraser Roofing & Siding is a roofing and siding specialist in the area.

Apple Valley Roofing is willing to undertake most any exterior project a local homeowner has, be it siding, roofing, gutters, windows or doors.

There you go, give one of these a shot.

And in Washington State, there are some good home exterior replacement companies from Spokane to Bellingham to Vancouver. You can check out Eastern Washington siding firms and companies in the Seattle area.

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